What better way to learn about the mysteries and legends of Skye than from one of the locals.

Coinneach Maclean is our local historian, archaeologist and professional tour guide here in Sleat. He has many tales to tell regarding the true stories that created Skye’s history and heritage.

To celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories, Duisdale House Hotel will be hosting Tales From The Fireside with after dinner enrichment from Coinneach, who will be on hand to bring to life the mysteries and unravel the misconceptions around Skye’s heritage.

From Skye’s Greatest Villains to real tales of Bonnie Prince Charlie in Skye, Coinneach will entertain with a repertoire of local stories.

Whether your interest is Gaelic in the Landscape to the Supernatural, Coinneach has many tales to tell.

 Tales From The Fireside is a free event and will run at 9pm on the following dates during 2022

Sat 6th August

August 1746 – Bonnie Prince Charlie in Skye – “grounding” Outlander

Sat 1st October

Life on the Skye during the visit of Johnson and Boswell in 1775

Sat 5th November

From Samhainn to Guy Fawkes – the Festival of the Dead

Sat 3rd December

Gaelic culture, song and story

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