River Fishing

Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing

The Snizort is the biggest river on the Island and it offers the premier fishing for Atlantic Salmon & Sea Trout on the Isle of Skye.

There are good catches annually, with the best of the Sport from the end of May or beginning of June, through until the end of the season mid-October. It’s not uncommon for Salmon around 20lbs to be caught on the river and specimens of this quality do so every year.

As the Snizort is a spate river, timing is a crucial ingredient. The best fishing conditions are just after a heavy downpour with the river running back down to its standard height. This is your chance to catch the Salmon & Sea Trout as they rest in the various pools on their journey to the spawning grounds in the hills.

When the water is lower, a change of tactics is required – usually smaller fly’s, longer leaders and fishing the faster streamy water at the neck of pools.

The Sea Trout follow the Salmon up the 8-foot waterfall on beat nine and can provide good sport in low water conditions. The tidal pools are an excellent place to start earlier in the season, and if you hook a Sea Trout, you’ll soon find that they are the most acrobatic of the two species.

Brown Trout Fishing

Before the Salmon & Sea Trout come into the river in high numbers, the best of the fishing is for wild Brown Trout. These native Highland fish are famously beautiful and can be as equally acrobatic as its Sea Trout cousin.

Brown Trout can be caught throughout the river, and they provide excellent sport on lighter tackle. Watching for a rising Trout and then specifically targeting them with your fly is a rewarding experience.

Fish average around the 0.5lbs to 1lbs mark, though bigger specimens are caught each year.

River Fishing Season & Catch-Return Average

The Salmon & Sea Trout season opens on the 11th February and concludes on 15th October with the very best of the fishing from the end of May/June through until the end of the season.

The Brown Trout season begins on the 15th March and concludes on 30th September.

The 5-year average catch return for the river is 84 Salmon and 40 Sea Trout.

River Snizort Fishing Prices – 2021

Feb – Apr May – Jul Aug – Oct
Full Day £40 £50 £60
Half Day £30 £40 £50
*Ghillie Fee – Full Day £300 £300 £300
*Ghillie Fee – Half Day £200 £200 £200

*Includes equipment but not the fishing permit.

*Max 2 persons

Other Services – 2021

Equipment Hire (Per Session) £25
Packed Lunch (Per Person) £15

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